Extreme Events in Science & Society, or Extreme Events for short, is one of 12 University of Stirling research programmes that brings together researchers from across the University to conduct interdisciplinary research in particular areas of strength.

As a programme, our research focuses on how societies and ecosystems might better respond to extreme events and prepare for the unexpected. Extreme events can range from bereavement to flooding; disease to social unrest. We seek to enhance resilience at all levels, from societal to individual, and thereby influence policy. By enhancing resilience, those affected by extreme events are better able to cope; communities are given a voice; and risk and vulnerability on local, national and global scales are reduced. Find out more about our research projects under ‘Projects‘ page.

Led by Professor Alistair Jump and Dr Fiona Millarthe Programme brings together a diverse group of researchers from all five University Faculties – find out more about our programme members under ‘People‘ page.

We are keen to engage with researchers also conducting research in or around these areas and with policy makers and practitioners working in the fields of resilience; extreme events and community development. For more information on Extreme Events in Science & Society please follow us on Twitter @StirExtreme and for more on the other research programmes please visit https://www.stir.ac.uk/research/research-programmes/