NCR Workshop 1

On 19th February 2019 we welcomed 60 participants from across policy, practice and academia to Stirling to discuss community resilience to extreme events. This workshop aimed (and succeeded) to bring a range of stakeholders together to discuss ‘what is community resilience’ and its definitions in order to look at moving forward together as a community. The workshop was facilitated by SNIFFER, an independent knowledge broker for a resilient Scotland. We also had a keynote presentation from Serge Marti of LifeMosaic that aimed to get attendees thinking outside the box and learning from an international angle on indigenous communities resilience to extremes such as deforestation. We are looking forward to the next workshop on 15th April, where will hear about and discuss what is happening in various communities and in policy in Scotland around community resilience to extreme events. Anyone interested in attending our next workshop or finding out more, please email Tony Robertson to be added to the mailing list. You can read more about the workshop by downloading the slides and notes from the day below.

Theme by the University of Stirling