Building a Movement: Community Development and Community Resilience in Response to Extreme Events (CR2EE)

Whilst community resilience is a topic that has been at the forefront of recent Scottish Government strategy and policy, there remains a gap in identifying what community resilience is currently enacted (particularly in Scotland), and how such experiences can be used to encourage further development of community resilience. This research project, funded by the National Centre for Resilience (Ref: NCRR1819-004) aims to address this gap. We believe creating a network of people interested in community resilience will be the first step in building and feeding into a movement(s) around creating a fairer, healthier and more ecologically sustainable Scotland.

The project is led by Dr Sandra Engstrom from Social Sciences & Dr Tony Robertson from Health Sciences & Sport, in collaboration with Dr Fiona Millar, and involves two knowledge exchange workshops, qualitative interviews and an art exhibit. To develop our community we have moved from email communication to a Slack site. The site is open to anyone interested in hearing about, sharing and discussing community resilience (not just limited to extreme events). Join the group here. For those new to Slack, you can watch a demo and read the quick start guide.

Click on the text in the images below to read more about the different project elements and their respective outputs.

Project Summary (Jan 2019)

Briefing Paper 1 (Feb 2019)

Workshop 1 (Feb 2019)

Briefing Paper 2 (Apr 2019)

Workshop 2 (Apr 2019)

Photo Exhibit (July 2019)

Final Report (Dec 2019)

Policy Brief (Jan 2020)

Theme by the University of Stirling

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